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What is a Non-Owners SR-22 Insurance?

Non-owner SR-22 insurance is available to certain drivers who do not own a car, and is mandatory to such drivers who are looking to have their driver’s license reinstated. In this particular case, the insurance covers only the driver for liability for when he or she would operate a non-owned vehicle.

Thus, in the event that the driver gets involved in a road accident while driving a non-owned car, the non-owner SR-22 insurance coverage will work to cover the resulting liability, as a source of indemnification secondary to the vehicle owner’s auto insurance.

As mentioned above, the non-owner SR-22 insurance is available only to certain drivers. Apart from the requirement that the driver must not be the owner of a vehicle, he or she must also be considered as a “high risk driver” under the law and by insurance companies before he or she is to be issued a non-owner SR-22 insurance. Usually, drivers are considered “high risk” if they have had their driver’s license suspended for the following reasons:

  • Serious driving violations such as speeding or reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended, revoked, or expired driver’s license
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both
  • Excessive traffic tickets
  • Presenting false documents
  • Failure to provide a valid proof of insurance

In addition to these driving-related causes, other common circumstances that would lead to an SR-22 insurance requirement are involvement in child support or neglect cases, or if ordered by the court through court orders and other legal judgments. 

A non-owner SR-22 insurance in USA provides assurance that high-risk drivers have the right coverage in the event of a road accident while operating a vehicle the driver does not own. Not only does this offer protection, it also provides peace of mind on the part of the driver and the vehicle owner. For instance, if you are a non-owner SR-22 insurance holder, liability coverage is assured even if you are to drive someone else’s car, such as when you borrow a car from a friend or relative. The latter, of course, is given some sort of security, too, because while your non-owner SR-22 insurance does not cover the vehicle, it nonetheless serves as a secondary liability coverage in the event of a mishap.

There are different limitations in a non-owner SR-22 insurance. For the state of USA in particular, there are certain vehicles that a non-owner SR-22 insurance holder is not covered to drive, such as:

  • Employment-related vehicles
  • Rental or commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles owned by members of your household

Apart from these listed vehicles, another and very important limitation is that a non-owner SR-22 insurance does not allow the driver to drive an uninsured vehicle. For this reason, the vehicle must have a separate insurance policy secured by the owner, and it is the responsibility of the non-owner to confirm the insurance status of the vehicle he or she intends to drive.

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