2017-2018 After School Clubs and Activities

All clubs are held 3:30- 4:30 unless announced otherwise.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8th Grade Student Activities (E300) Cheer (Gym) Animation Club (W101) Cheer (Gym) Football (Field)
African Drumming Club (CG21) Chess Club (N101) Apples to Apples Club (C117) Football (Field) Girl’s Soccer (Field)
Boy’s Soccer (Field) Coloring Club (W100) Boy’s Soccer (Field) Hispanic Club (R101) Pokémon Club (R103)
Cheer (Gym) Community Service Club (R104) Creative Writing Club (C104) Inspiration Choir (CG21) Robotics Club (R113)
Developmental Soccer (Field) Fellowship of Christian Athletes (N103) Developmental Soccer (Field) Rubik’s Cube Club (C119)
Football (Field) Football (Field) Drumline (R116)   Speech and Debate (W206 and W106)
Girl Up (W305) Gay Straight Alliance (E300) Football (Field)   Volleyball Club (Gym)
Girl’s Soccer (Field) Getting Knitty With It (TBD) Girl’s Soccer (Field)   Yoga Meditation (R116)
Noted Acapella Ensemble (CG21) Girls on the Run (R111) Girls on the Run (R111)  
Outdoor Basketball Club (Cottage) Homework (and Organization) Club (R108) Martial Arts Club (E106)    
Philosophy Club (E204) Inspiration Choir (CG21) Model UN (E307)    
Ready-Set-Learn! (CG06) Logic Puzzle Club (W306) Musicals and Marvel Club (E304)    
Rocking Readers Club (CG03) Math Olympiad and Math Counts (RG01) Sketch R&D (R103)    
Scrabble Club (Cafeteria) Nail Painting Club (C315) Student Librarians (Library)    
Speech and Debate (W206 and W106) Novel Interpretations Club (C222) Trading Card Club (N113)    
Student Government (Multipurpose Room) Puzzle Play (E105) Ultimate Frisbee (C103)    
Tennis Club (W201) Retro Gaming Club (E104) Young Male Achievers (RG03)    
The Literacy Lounge (CG06) Sailing Club (Auditorium)      
Yoga Club (C224) Sevens Rugby Club (N101)      
  Speech and Debate (W206 and W106)      
  Stock Market Club (C104)      
  Volleyball (Gym)      
  Y4C (Youth for Change) (C302)      
  Yearbook Club (W300)      
  Zones of Regulation (C302)