Below is a list of our 2014-15 clubs and activities. Expect our 2015-16 list to post early this fall!

Schedule of Before School Activities

(all activities begin at 7:45 AM unless otherwise stated)

Monday Symphonic Band CG20
Monday Concert Choir Auditorium
Tuesday String Orchestra CG04
Tuesday Symphonic Band CG20
Wednesday Percussion Ensemble CG20
Wednesday Concert Choir Auditorium
Thursday String Orchestra CG04
Thursday Symphonic Band CG20
Friday Peer Mediators C115
Friday Concert Choir Auditorium
Friday Percussion Ensemble CG20



Schedule of After School Clubs & Activities

(all clubs and activities end at 4:30 PM unless otherwise noted)

Monday Yoga C310
Monday Creative Writing W307
Monday Open Art Studio C217
Monday Science Tutoring W301
Monday Bocce Ball E300
Monday Conditioning Club E101
Monday BDOG E100
Monday Girls on the Run E206
Monday Intramural Volleyball E305
Monday Cooking Club Group B C216
Monday Calligraphy Club TBD
Monday Classic Card Games W205
Monday Girl Up E306
Monday Student Council E205
Monday African Drumming CG20
Monday 6th Grade Soccer Club W105
Monday Japanese Culture Club TBD
Monday Chess Club C315
Monday International Cinema N112
Monday Socratic Club E304
Monday A Capella CG21
Monday Scrabble Club  Cafeteria
Monday Scrap-booking & Collage  C104
Monday Journalism  W207
Monday Basketball Club  W204
Monday Spelling Bee Club  E104
Monday Nature Lovers Club  W300
Tuesday Au Cinema  N112
Tuesday Dance & Choreography  Auditorium
Tuesday Debate Team  W206
Tuesday Gay Straight Alliance  E305
Tuesday Ultimate Frisbee  C310
Tuesday Tennis Club  N115
Tuesday Team Shanghai Study Hall
Tuesday Game Club N116
Tuesday Film Making Club C203
Tuesday Meditation Club C213
Tuesday Cultural Discovery Club TBD
Tuesday Team Baku Study Hall E101
Tuesday Learn to Swim Club E201 (till 5:10 PM)
Tuesday String Club CG04
Tuesday Science Olympian W201
Tuesday Photography Club E301
Tuesday Model UN C308
Wednesday National Junior Honor Society W304
Wednesday French Tutoring TBD
Wednesday Music Workshop CG04
Wednesday Fencing E106
Wednesday Robotics E307 (to 5:00 PM)
Wednesday Spanish Theatre C217
Wednesday DIY Club E105
Wednesday Vinyl Club C203
Wednesday 6th Grade Comic Book E103
Wednesday A Capella CG21
Wednesday Fantasy Football N103
Wednesday 7th/8th Grade Model UN C308
Wednesday Service Club C203
Wednesday Music Workshop CG20
Wednesday Art from the Heart C224
Wednesday GSA E305
Wednesday History Film Club W305
Wednesday Global Cardboard Challenge Gallery
Wednesday The Sports Rap W104
Wednesday Sailing Club E101
Wednesday Workout Warriors W103
Friday Book Club C128
Friday Cottage Comic Club N113
Friday East Asia Studies C212
Friday Board Games W106
Friday Peer Mediators C115
Friday Yo-Yo Club Corner Nurse & Neal
Friday 8th Grade Fieldtrip Club C308
Friday Go Nationals! C114