Volunteering with the Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) doesn’t have to be a year-long commitment. There are many ways throughout the year to lend a hand to make Deal a great school, even if you have only an hour or two to spare.  Below are the various events and activities throughout the year.  To volunteer, simply contact the person who is coordinating the event/activity below, or email alicedealca@gmail.com.

Auction  ─ February 7, 2015
Help with the ADCA’s biggest annual fundraiser, which is always a fun evening for Deal parents and staff.   Solicit or donate items, design invitations, write or edit the catalog, provide computer support, plan or prepare food, decorate, check in or check out bidders (managed by outside contractor), tend bar or clean up after the party.
Contact:  Kristin Willsey or Annie Bennett

Bingo Night  ─ Come and play Bingo with parents and students!
Contact: TBD

Career Day ─ (TBD)
Share information about your job or career with a homeroom class on “Career Day.”
Contact: Ana Hernandez

Chaperone School Parties ─ On-site attendance at Halloween, Spring and Class parties,
Sponsored by Student Council.
Contact: TBD

Foreign Language Fundraising – Help Language Department plan events to raise funds for student trips abroad.

History Fair ─ (TBD)
Be a Judge – Parents and others with backgrounds in research, writing and analysis (not just historians) are invited to serve as Judges (50 judges are needed, including those with backgrounds in journalism, history, museum studies, law, etc.). Volunteers are also needed to help with registration and set-up.

Holiday Greens Sale ─ Sell holiday greens the weekends of December 6-7, 2013 and December 13-14, 2014.
Contact: TBD

Hospitality ─ Organize refreshments for school events (Career Day, parent workshops, key ADCA meetings, etc.). Contact: Amy Thompson

International Night – (November 29, 2014)
Coordinate a food table or bring your favorite dish to share in this celebration of Deal’s rich cultural diversity and our new official status as an International Baccalaureate school!
Contact:  TBD

Newsletter ─ Write articles or take pictures for the ADCA newsletter
Contact: Cathy House

Website ─ Write articles, take pictures, help maintain the Deal website.
Contact: Jenny Murray

Open Houses ─ (Nov., Dec. 2013  and  Jan. 2014)
Welcome potential families to Deal and direct them in visiting classes during the day.
Contact: Laurie Aladjem

Safeway/Giant Rewards Programs ─ Promote parent participation.  Enter grocery card numbers into database.
Contact: TBD

School Spirit Items ─ Help create and sell special Deal items like T-shirts, stickers, bags, and pencils.
Contact: Sue Longo Wright

Science Fair ─ (TBD)
Be a Judge – Parents and others with a range of backgrounds are invited to serve as Judges (individuals are needed with backgrounds or careers in science, math, medicine, technology, clinical care, engineering, architecture, etc.).  Or, help with set-up, planning, and hospitality.

Teacher Appreciation ─ Plan special lunch/breakfast or gifts to thank teachers for their excellent work.
Contact: TBD

Deal Directory ─ Assist with preparation and compilation of the Directory.
Contact: Kindra Tully