The all-volunteer Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) is an integral part of the vibrant school community. There are dozens of ways to participate and we encourage all families to find a way to get involved and become a part of your student’s school life.


Cathy House

Vice Presidents

Brook Evans (Events)
Kindra Tully (Technology)
Erica Woods (Speakers for PTA Meetings)
Jeanie Carter (Alumni Database Creation)
Dennis Smyth (Community Building)


Treasurer: Dan Rosenthal
Recording Secretary: Lori A. Jackson
Correspondence Secretary: Jenny Murray
Teacher Representative: Colleen Smith

It’s Never Too Late to Contribute!

Contributing to the ADCA is easy. A $150 contribution is the suggested annual donation amount per family. However, every contribution counts, and we urge you to give what you can. Consider this: Our 2014-15 budget of $160,000 is approximately $150 per student. These funds allow the ADCA to finance critical school activities and programs, including:

  • Edline
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Annual musical production
  • Community service programs
  • International student travel
  • 6th grade orientation
  • Annual team-building trips for all 6th graders
  • 8th grade promotion reception
  • Grants to teachers to buy supplies to support classroom instruction, technology, Viking Time and other student activities
  • Grants to teachers to pursue professional development
  • Stipends to teachers who serve as grade-level team leaders or as department chairs for their extra responsibilities
  • Deal website
  • Online and print newsletters
  • Deal directory
  • New books and supplies for the library
  • Parent education workshops
  • Improvements to the school building and grounds

These programs help make Deal the exceptional school that it is. But the ADCA cannot do all this without you. Please support the ADCA by making some contribution, at any level, TODAY! –>Contribute online now!

If you prefer not to contribute online, you may download the ADCA Contribution Form.


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