To:      DEAL PTA Members
Fr:       Richard Nugent, Treasurer (
Re:      September 30 Financial Report

 General:  The approved budget for the 2012-2013 school year includes income projections of $154,725 and expenses of $187,157 for a deficit budget of $32,432.  This represents an intentional spend-down of reserves that have accumulated over the years.    

 September 30 Summary:  Income received has totaled $75,263.49 including $67,917.46 in dues payments; $3,500 in sponsorships; $3,128.75 in School Store items; and $717.28 in misc other income.   Income received is 48.6 percent of budgeted income.  We are on-track to making our fully budgeted amount for dues and sponsorships.  The major outstanding income items are associated with the spring auction ($55,000); Holiday Greens Sale ($9,000); and International Night ($5,000).  In addition, $494.55 of income was generated by expenses (mostly profit from the spring musical).  Expenses incurred in generating our income lines totaled $1,249.81 (mostly 2011-12 expenses including sales tax). 

 Expenses incurred since the start of the school year total $22,190.98 including:

  • $16,827.99 expended toward support of the Deal Educational Program (including $7,423.55 toward the IB Program; $4,896.95 Supplies (student organizers); and $3,530 for Technology (smartboards);
  • $2,135.40 toward School Activities including $1,094.14 for orientation and $701.86 toward last year’s Promotion Ceremony);  
  • $1,485.00 toward Building Maintenance;
  • $812.16 incurred in generating income (last year’s Holiday Greens sale);
  • $930.43 in other misc expenses

 Through September 30, expenses totaled 11.9 percent of budgeted expenses.

Summary:  With $75,263.49 of income and $22,190.98 of expense through September 30, we have a net surplus for the school year of $53,072.51.