General Course Information

Period 8 courses are designed as extra-curricular blended-learning classes and cover a wide variety of exciting topics. Courses meet for eight hours in person over the course of an advisory. Usually courses meet one specific day each week from 3:30-4:30 PM. In addition to the in-person component, courses also utilize online assignments and activities. Period 8 classes have been developed and are taught by Deal teachers and offer students the opportunity to explore enrichment content outside of their traditional schedule.


Period 8 courses are academic classes. It is expected that students attend all class sessions and complete both in-person and online coursework. Missing more than one class or failing to complete coursework may result in removal from the class or disqualify a student from earning a certificate of completion. Please carefully review the meeting dates and course expectations of the classes offered. While we understand that Deal students often have multiple after-school activities, accommodations for missing Period 8 classes due to other extra-curricular commitments cannot be made.


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Please see the catalog of Period 8 courses here.