Have you lost something during the school day?

See photos of lost & found items

The pictures at the above link highlight items found in common areas at Deal, including in the cafeteria, on the field, and in the gallery.  Lost items will be kept for approximately two weeks before they are donated.  To claim an item, please ask a staff member in the cafeteria to guide you to the lost-and-found.

We make an effort to identify labeled items and make announcements for students to pick these up in the Welcome Center.  Please help us by putting your full name on all lunch boxes, back-packs and other items you bring to school on a regular basis.

Don’t see what you’ve lost?  Most classrooms have individual lost-and-found areas.  Consider checking in with your teachers.  You can also stop by the lost-and-found in the cafeteria as not all items may be pictured.