Alice Deal Middle School: An IB World School

The Basic Stats
Number of grades: 6th, 7th and 8th grade
Enrollment levels 2015/16 projected enrollment is just over 1,300 students
Number of classes per grade There are 4 teams at each grade level. Each team has approximately 100-115 students. Core team teachers (English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities) have 5 classes averaging between 20-25 students per class.
Number of students per grade and teacher/student ratio The approximate teacher/student ratio is 1:24, although there are much smaller classes and a few larger ones, due to the use of homerooms and specialty electives.
Official feeder elementary schools Janney, Lafayette, Murch, Shepherd, Hearst, Eaton and Bancroft.
Application deadline for consideration No application necessary unless a student is out-of-boundary, in which case the DCPS out-of-boundary process applies.
In-boundary? 70%
% on free lunch program, % ELL 21% free and reduced lunch, 3% ELL
High school feed to? Our school feeds to Wilson High School, but many students choose to take advantage of the DCPS common application to apply to other DCPS schools.
Admission process? None. Registration is per regulations of DCPS.
Does your school have a before-school or after-school program? School doors open at 8:00 AM, which is 45 minutes before class begins. Students in music performances begin some days at 7:45 AM. We do have an after-care program, which runs until 6:30 PM. Extracurricular activities run from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Students are not permitted to wait on school grounds unsupervised before or after school.
Is there an honors program of any kind, and if so, in what subjects? Program and instruction are designed around providing an intensive (honors) program for all. Distinct from work and expectations in core academic classes, 8th graders all take either Algebra or Geometry; all students take World Languages for high school credit. IB MYP provides a clear academic focus targeted at rigor and comprehensiveness.
Which foreign languages are taught? Spanish (regular and intensive), French, Mandarin Chinese. Language instruction is required for each year at Deal. Spanish Humanities classes are advanced classes intended for students who have had an immersion experience.
What academic programs exist at Deal? International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program — no additional admission requirements — the program serves all students.
What is the arts and music curriculum? What classes are required? Visual arts/music — 1 semester total 6th grade; Music — 1 semester 7th grade; Visual Arts — 1 semester 8th grade; Before- and after-school chorus and band activities.
Deal Staff
What is the average number of years of tenure of teachers at your school? Tenure numbers are not available, but our talented staff represents a range of experience levels and tenure at Deal.
What is teacher turn over like? Last year we had about 20% of our staff turn over due to moves and new opportunities.
What is the teacher training/professional development program? Professional development is intensive, including support for IB MYP, teacher growth, school and district initiatives, identified needs and teacher-selected development. This year we’ve added an assistant principal to oversee the process.
What is the policy for communicating with parents? Deal has a readily available staff. In addition to requirements for parent contact (48 hours or less), teachers maintain online communication for teams as well as online grade books and assignment posts. You can learn more by emailing your team or checking your student’s Edline account.
How is class information placed on the website? All classes are required to maintain homework and class information on Edline.
How long has the principal been leading the school? This is Principal James Albright’s 5th year as principal, 8th year at Deal.
Security & Dress Code
What is the security arrangement for the school? Our school has a standard security arrangement for DCPS middle schools. We have a DC police presence with school resource officers, a security team, and we do have metal detectors. We are a very low incidence school.
Is there a community service requirement? Through the IB MYP, our teachers and staff develop a community service program that provides meaningful and personal community service for all students. Community service happens through classes, teams and extracurricular activities.
What is the dress code and how is it enforced? There are no uniform requirements at Deal. The dress code is for reasonable wear (defined for students and families) and is vigorously enforced by all staff.
Transportation to and from school? Deal is accessible by local bus, Metro (Tenleytown Metro station), by walking, and by drop-off.
Extracurricular Activities
What sports programs are there within and outside the curriculum? Where do kids have PE? All students take PE each year for a semester. Deal has competitive athletic teams in boys and girls soccer, basketball, girls volleyball, cheerleading, baseball, softball, cross-country, American football, swimming and track. We also offer intramural activities in fencing, ultimate frisbee, and dance, among others.
What other major extracurricular programs does the school have and how much does it cost? Who runs these programs? The school has an extensive extracurricular program, both academic- and activity- focused: MathCounts, Debate, robotics, GeoPlunge, spelling and geography bees, school musical, improv club, language clubs, student council, arts studio club, among many, many others. We also have an embedded period once every four weeks in which students try completely different activities sponsored by all members of the staff.


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