Question: How do I get to and from school? What time does the school open?

To get to school and home, you can walk, have a parent drive you, take a Metro bus, or take the Metro train. We will work with you to make sure that you find the best route for you to get home and to school.

The school opens at 8:05 am for breakfast. You do not want to get to school too early because you will not be able to get into the building. But do not get to school any later than 8:30 am or you might be late to class!

Question: Is there a dress code?

There is no Deal uniform, but students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for school. We expect you to come to school neat, clean, and appropriately dressed prepared to learn. For example, you cannot wear sweatpants to school. Your homeroom teacher will talk to you about what is appropriate to wear to school during your first week and will provide you with a student handbook that will explain the dress code. You will also be able to purchase a uniform for physical education class your first week of school.

Question: What is a typical day for a student at Deal?

The school day begins at 8:45 am and ends at 3:15 pm. Each day, you will have six class periods and a lunch/recess period. Most students will take English, Math, Science, Humanities, a World Language (Chinese, French, or Spanish), and Physical Education, Music, and Art.

Question: Since you do not store books in desks in middle school, how will I be able to carry all my books around?

Some of your classes will give you a book to take home and a book that you can use in class so that you do not need to carry a book to class. This way you will not have to carry too many books at one time.

Question: Will the lockers be close to the classrooms? When will I find my locker and learn how to use a lock? When will I be able to go to my locker during the school day?

Your locker will be right outside your 1st period class, which is also your homeroom. That way you can put your coat and book bag away and not be late to your 1st period class. During your first day of school, your teacher will give you a locker and teach you how to use the lock. Do not worry if you forget your combination because your teacher has it written down.

You can go to your locker before school, before lunch, after lunch, and after school. This will allow you a chance to change your books or grab your coat to go outside for recess.

Question: Will I be able to get from class to class on time? How much time is there between classes?

The school is big and offers you many different opportunities to meet new people and to try things that interest you. You will not have a problem getting to class on time because we will make sure that you can get anywhere in the building (and use the bathroom) before the late bell rings. There are 4 minutes between each bell and that is plenty of time for you to get around.

Question: Are there teams for each grade level at Deal?

Yes, there are grade-level teams at Deal for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This will let you take classes with some of your old friends and to make new friends. Each team has one English teacher, one Math teacher, one Science teacher, and one Humanities teacher. By having classes with the same team of students, you will know which students to contact about missed homework assignments and have friends to study with for tests.

Question: Will I have a different teacher for each class?

Yes. This will make sure that you get the best education in each of your classes because each teacher is an expert in that course and is excited to teach you about their subject. You will also have a homeroom teacher that will make sure you know about all of the exciting activities and events going on at Deal so that you can join in the fun. Your homeroom teacher will also be able to answer any questions you have about Deal. They will be your first point of contact and will take care of you if you have any problems at school.

Question: How many kids, on average, are in each class?

This will vary by class, but our average is about 24 students in a class. Because we have so many students from different areas of the city, we want you to have an opportunity to meet and learn from as many of them as possible.

Question: How long is lunch? Is there a girls and boys side at lunch and recess? Is the cafeteria food good?

Lunch and recess are 50 minutes long. You will eat lunch first and then, if the weather is nice, have some time to go outside and play with your friends. There is no boys and girls side of lunch or recess, so you have the opportunity to decide with whom you want to spend time during lunch.

We think the food is good, and there are many options for you to choose from for lunch. Each month you will get a calendar that lists your options for each school day so that you can decide if you want to buy or bring your lunch to school.

Question: Are there opportunities to tour the building before school starts? If I am late for class the first few days, will I get in trouble?

Sixth graders will have an orientation in August where they will get an opportunity to meet their new teachers, visit each of their classes, and tour the school. Every day of school, teachers stand in the hallway to help you find your way and to greet you as you come to class. Do not worry about being late for class the first few days; your teachers understand that you are new to the school and will help you find your way around.

Question: How is the school building laid out? Will my classes be spread out throughout the building?

Each grade is located on one floor of the school. The 6th graders have their team classes on the first floor, the 7th graders are on the second floor, and the 8th graders are on the third floor. Additionally, each grade has its own lunch period and its own physical education classes.

Question: How can I access the library?

The library is open before and after school. You are also able to use them during lunch. Our online Library Media Center can be accessed here.


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