Why should every family join and support the ADCA? Every year, the ADCA puts together a budget to fund enhancements to the school and its programs that benefit every student in some way. Learn more here.

A $150 donation is the suggested fee per student for annual ADCA donations. If you are able, we encourage you to sponsor another student as well. Please contribute as generously as you can – Your Donations Mean A Great Deal!

If you prefer, you may make a secure contribution to the ADCA online.

Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) Contribution Form

Please make checks payable to ADCA. Print this page, fill in your information, and mail this form to:

Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA)
3815 Fort Drive, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Or you may bring it to the Deal Welcome Center and put it in the ADCA mailbox.

Parent/Guardian Name(s) _________________________________________________

Child’s Name(s) ________________________________________________________

Grade(s) _____________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________


Email ________________________________________________________________

ADCA Donations per Family: ______ $150 (suggested)

______ $150 Sponsor Another Student

______ Other amount (any amount is welcome)

______ Total enclosed

*Please check to see if your employer will match your contribution*

Thank you for your support!