Alice Deal Middle School
3815 Fort Dr, NW
Washington, DC 20016 

Phone: 202-939-2010 
Fax: 202-282-1116 

Nurse: 202-939-2009



Principal:  Mr. James Albright
Assistant Principals:  Ms. Veronica Abrams, Mr. Adam Kirschenbaum, Ms. Diedre Neal, Mr. Patrick Rottman and Ms. Alieze Stallworth

Dean of Students:  Ms. Tomesha Jackson
IB Coordinator:  Ms. Alieze Stallworth

Student Support Services: Mr. Adam Kirschenbaum
School Psychologists:  Ms. Bethany Banal and Ms. Latashia Scott

6th grade
Asst. Principal: Ms. Diedre Neal
Counselor: Ms. Camille White
Social Worker: Ms. Lacey Maddrey

7th grade
Administrator:  Mr. Patrick Rottman

Counselor:  Ms. Ana Hernandez
Social Worker: Mr. Terence Chang

8th grade
Asst. PrincipalMs. Veronica Abrams

Counselor: Ms. Diane McFarland
Social Worker: Mr. Peter Boccardi

Other Departments
(World Languages)

Kauai (Arts/Music)
San Juan (Physical Education)
Timbuktu (ELL/Read 180)
Zócalo (Library Media Center